And Next…

Hello – Thank you for visiting my blog.

I have decided to leave the P2PU 101 for now.  Investing in a domain name and web host can wait until I feel more confident.

I love the posts and comments on the P2PU Challenges.  This P2PU101 is a good place to make a safe start.

I have gone on to the HTML5  Challenges.  It is taking quite a long time because I have found a lot of books to read.  (Maybe a web design book review coming…)    My little dinosaur came from the Hackasaurus Challenge – a suitable companion for a WebcraftWarrior!  We have collected a pair of  X-ray goggles on the way.  Future plans include visits to fashion shows and general fun.

Clicking on the dinosaur should take you to my HTML Journey page.


It might . . .

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