My HTML exercise – P2PU

Phew ….   Well I have now found a nice simple looking photoeditor, gThumb, and loaded some pics from my camera. Also found lots of info at WordPress.  Also lost a blog with nice comment.  Hope it turns up in drafts somewhere.  ohhh yes   And here’s my exercise:


My first HTML exercise

5 thoughts on “My HTML exercise – P2PU

    • Thanks Ariel – Your feedback is very welcome.
      You have spotted the ‘deliberate mistake’. Indeed I have mismatched the tags. It explains why some of my html efforts had no headings!
      Your blog looks great and your tags seem correct. And thank you for commenting in English.

  1. I just want to tell you if u don’t mind that renew the image because it has mistakes and the mistakes are really clear you can find it your self too. So go ahead and correct it and make reader interesting. Thanks

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