Choose A Text Editor – P2PU 101

And so it came to pass that I was chosen to become a Webcraft Warrior.  Well anyway, this is a copy of my web page.

Hello World by Amy

This code was written by hand. Awesome!

My OS is Linux MInt  so I found easy links for downloading  Gedit, Kate and Bluefish.  I didn’t even understand the descriptions for the first two,  so I went with Bluefish.  This is how I was chosen.

My HTML exercise – P2PU

Phew ….   Well I have now found a nice simple looking photoeditor, gThumb, and loaded some pics from my camera. Also found lots of info at WordPress.  Also lost a blog with nice comment.  Hope it turns up in drafts somewhere.  ohhh yes   And here’s my exercise:


My first HTML exercise

P2UP 101

Hi  Using cool computer assembled from reused parts.  Getting used to Linux and Gimp.  I have gone onto the  html exercise and taken photo.  Also found gThumb, Open Source photo editor.